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How to Access the Platinum Upgrade Assets

The Platinum Deal gives you lifetime access to the following assets:

Where to find the Platinum Characters:

30 Supreme Characters

Go to Studio > Characters   

Click on Category > Supreme> use the 'Purchased' filter

50 Extra 3D Characters

Click on Category > 3D

10 Animal Characters

Click on Category > Animals

+6 Doodle Characters

Click on Category > Doodle

+15 Bobble Head Characters

Studio > Characters > Bobble Heads

200+ Extra Backgrounds

Studio > Backgrounds

100+ Scroll Stopper Effects

Studio > Scroll Stoppers 

400+  VFX Bundle

Studio > VFX

Smoke, Rain, Fireworks, Transitions, Glitch, Confetti, Glass, Ground Breaks, Particles, Dust, Fire, Light Leaks, Snow, Explosions, and Other

Animated Text Scenes

Studio > Titles > Text Scenes


SCENES-SMS Simulator

SCENES-Video Agency

SCENES-Minimal Promo Pack

SCENES-Animated Mockups

SCENES-Summer Promo

Where to find the 150+ Templates:

On the app's home page, click on Templates > select the 'Purchased' filter

Choose files or drag and drop files
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