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Icons in Create Studio

Learn the basics of CREATE STUDIO user interface navigation


(1) Import videos, images, and audio files to use as clips in your project.

(2) Adds a new folder where you can organize your project media

(3) Access the stock image and audio library
(4) Where all imported media are stored
(5) Work with different media (audio, images, video)
(6) Work with animated scenes, characters, effects, etc
(7) Go back to Create Studio Home page

(8) Add the text element to the canvas

(9) Open the flat shapes and icons

(10) Select, move, and edit an element

(11) Move canvas view without moving any elements
(12) Canvas preview magnification
(13) Alignment options (align left, vertical middle align, align right, align top, horizontal middle align, align bottom)
(14) In/Out animations for elements ( rotate, skew, slide, distort)
(15) Change border, shadow, skew or remove color for green screen editing

(16) Opens the export option where you can export as a video or as a template

(17) Click to save changes made on the project

(18) Open the Project Settings

(19) Select a rotation point of an element

(20) Flip media vertically

(21) Flip media horizontally

(22) Expand or enlarge an element

(23) Scale element to fit the canvas

(24) Move the selected element to the center of the canvas
(25) Slide to compress or expand the timeline 

(26) Mute/Unmute selected tracks or layers with audio clips

(27) Show/Hide selected layers or tracks

(28) Lock/Unlock selected layers or tracks

(29)  Show/Hide selected elements

(30) Reverse your last Undo.
You can use Redo only after using the Undo command.

Undo the last action made
Choose files or drag and drop files
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