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Keyboard shortcuts

Here are CreateStudio's keyboard shortcuts and there are more coming soon.

Select multiple elements - hold SHIFT + click on elements
Select multiple tracks - SHIFT or CTRL(or COMMAND)+click tracks
Delete element - BACKSPACE key
Duplicate element - COMMAND/CTRL + D
Play/pause -SPACEBAR
Fits canvas to screen view - COMMAND/CTRL + 0 (zero)
Create a group - COMMAND/CTRL + SHIFT + C
Copy animation - COMMAND/CTRL+C
Paste animation - COMMAND/CTRL+V
Move an element horizontally or vertically - SHIFT+ drag the element
Move the timeline indicator to zero(0) - CTRL (or COMMAND) + A
Add path points to doodle effect (manual mode) - SHIFT+click
Remove path points to doodle effect (manual mode) - SHIFT+CTRL+click

Choose files or drag and drop files
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