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How to make characters run across the video

Create Studio gives you the option to set up animated characters to perform a variety of movements. 

Let's try to set up, our popular "Gym Guy" running in the park. 

1) Add the character into the timeline > set up a couple "Run" actions.

2) In this case we want to make him run across the screen.

So, we need to set up ending point first > grab the character and move him just off the screen

3) It's time to add the "Slide right" motion.

Click on the character > go to section "Motion" (upper right corner) > select "Slide right" > click on animation and drag it over the entire animations of "Gym guy" > you can disable "fade effect" in this case as well by right-clicking on the motion and clicking on the "Disable fade" option.

4) Now, we need to set up a starting point of animation on the other end of the canvas.

a) Click on the "gear" icon on the timeline in the "Animations" row.

b) Then, set up a starting point on X on a number around -2,500 (it may be different based on your project and setting of the endpoint).

5) Now, it's time to check our work.

Well, you may need to make some adjustments as we did, but in the end.

He is running like the wind, isn't he?

Check out our video tutorial here:

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