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How to add a progress bar around your video

Doing the same steps on how you can add a progress bar at the bottom of your video, you will be able to add a progress bar around your video.

To see and edit the bars better, you can hide some of the elements or tracks by clicking on the eye or hide button

First, add a rectangular shape, choose a color, scale it as a progress bar, and align at the bottom. Doing the same steps, add another shape, scale and align it to the left

Drag both shapes in the timeline to match its duration with the entire video

Click the arrow on the left of the track name to open the Animation options.

Click the add ( + ) button, select Scale. And add the same animation for the shape on the left.

Change the Rotation Point of the bottom shape to center-left...

and the left shape to center-bottom.

Scale down both shapes, until they are just outside the canvas border.

Drag both the animation clip only halfway through the video duration.

Change the Easing of the animation clips to Linear (Both).

You can group both shapes so you can easily add the bar on top and on the right

For the top and right bar, place the playhead in the middle of the video duration.

Add two rectangular shapes, choose a color, scale it as a progress bar, and align at the bottom and the other to the top.

Drag both shapes in the timeline until the end of the video.

Add the Scale animation to both shapes.

Change the Rotation Point of the top bar to center-left...

and the right bar to center-bottom.

Scale the top bar to the left until it is within the left bar. And scale the right bar down until it is within the bottom bar.

Change the Easing of both animation clip to Linear (Both).

Then drag the animation clip timeline up to the end of the video duration.

Don't forget to unhide or show the elements/tracks that were hidden!

That's it! Your video now has a progress bar around it.

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