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How to create social progress bars

We already know that video marketing is everything right now. 

Video ads are everywhere, and everyone's just trying to outshine everyone else to attract viewers.

A small but very important element of a social video is the progress bar. 

The progress bar lets your viewers know just how close they are to getting all the information you're sharing, and gives them a sense of progress.

With this, they are more likely to stick around, and have a greater chance of taking action.

In Create Studio, you can easily add the classic progress bar at the bottom of the video,

which you can tweak to make it more exciting by adding your logo or any interesting character.

Check the video below to see how you can create that social progress bar with an oomph ;)

Or if you really want to go extra, you can also try something out of the box like a progress bar that goes around your video.

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