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Does Create Studio work offline?

Unfortunately, you need to have an internet connection all the time to be able to use Create Studio.

There are two reasons behind this.

1) Create Studio is full of assets such as animated characters, icons, presets, effects. Instead of downloading a huge file, including all of them, we decided to keep all the assets in the cloud so you can download only those you want to use in your projects.

2) Any license gives you the option to use Create Studio on two computers at the same time. We do not provide any license codes but we are checking this online.

You may think... Ok, what if any glitch happens during editing and/or rendering my project?

Let me answer that. The software won't quit your project. It's just paused, and once you get the connection back, you can simply continue working on your project.

If that happens during rendering, then rendering of your video is completed no matter what. We want to highlight that rendering is an "offline" operation that does not require any of your data.

If you lose the internet connection for a longer time and you quit the Create Studio app, then your project won't be saved. For that reason, we highly recommend to save your project during editing or enable autosave.

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