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How to manage my license

First of all, let me remind you that you can install a Commercial license on two devices. While a Personal license allows you to use it on one device only.

You do not get any license keys for connecting licenses with your computer. We do it automatically once you log in.

Any license is entirely transferable. If you decide to switch your license from one computer to another one log out, uninstall CreateStudio from your computer, and contact our support team to delete the license. That makes a spot for other devices.

Just a reminder, however, that all your projects are saved on your local disk. So it's not possible to share projects between both computers for now. If you know that you are changing your computer and you do not want to lose your projects, then please contact our support team for assistance.

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  1. Muruga Raja Ramalingam

    I had installed on my laptop & desktop. Have uninstalled CreateStudio from my old desktop & tried to install on my new desktop but keep getting message that have exceeded the limit. How to manage the PCs that I install the software?

  2. Benyamin Maengkom

    I have iMac and install Windows 10 on Bootcamp, sometimes I want to screen recording on Mac for working, and some time on Windows personal project. So using personal license cannot make me switch OS ? Why not use mechanism detect real time login, so I can't login on multiple pc at the same time, will auto logout other pcs. And I can switch work with both OS.

  3. Simon Flindall

    Any update on 

    Jeffrey Gnagey 


    Also which computers is this currently tied too? I am only using it on one computer. Thanks.

  4. Gutty's TV

    They have been billing me every month and I cannot find a way to cancel. Can you please help?

  5. Feo Amante

    I understood that this was a one time fee. Am I going to be billed every month?
  6. Jeffrey Gnagey

    I purchased a commercial license, but work for an educational k-12 agency.  Is there an advantage to being educational vs commercial besides the price?  If, so can you help me to rectify this?