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How to share Create Studio project template via Google Drive and Dropbox

You can share your Create Studio project template with our support team via Google Drive or Dropbox shared links.

Export the Project
To Export, hover your mouse cursor over your project, and click on the export project button.

Choose where to save the project file and hit Save.

Wait for the project to be exported

Option A. Share projects via Google Drive

Log in to your Google Drive account and upload the zip file as you usually would.

Right-click on the uploaded file, and select Share.

A popup box will appear. Set it to Anyone on the internet with this link can view

 Click "Copy Link" and click "Done".

 Go to your support ticket and paste the link.

Option B. Share projects  via Dropbox Link

Login to your Dropbox account and upload the zip file as you usually would.

Hover your mouse over the project ZIP file and click "Share".

 Click the "Create Link" at the bottom.

Click "Copy Link".

Go to your support ticket and paste the link.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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  1. Aman HTS

    @ChingYa Wong, you have to generate a trouble ticket with Support for this.

  2. ChingYa Wang

    I don't have the Export Template option. How can I activate the feature? 

  3. Craig Johnson

    Can I have export template activated in the software? I'd like to export projects and work on them when I get home on my laptop.