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Make your own Karaoke video

With a very simple text masking trick, you can now make your own karaoke videos!

Here's how:

1. Select your background image or video.  You may upload your own

or choose one from the footage library

2. Import the music of your choice, preferrably one with the vocals removed, of course.

3. Add a rectangular shape at the bottom of the frame and stretch it out enough to fit the length of the text.

4. Add text. Type in the song lyrics and lay it over the shape.

5. On the timeline, right-click on the rectangle element>mask with>text

Notice that the shape disappears and the text takes the color of the shape.

6. Now, on the Main Project panel, under Rectangle>Animations, click on the + sign, then select Scale.

7. On the timeline, drag the Animation track to the length of the text.

8. Click on Rotation Point, choose the bottom left box.

9. Drag the shape to indicate where the text animation starts.

10. Back to the Main Project panel>Rectangle>Animation> Linear>Both

11. Hit the play button to preview the animation.

See the awesome demo video below:

Choose files or drag and drop files
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