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How to shorten the action duration when having 3 actions or more.

In this example, we want to add 3 character actions but shorten the middle action.

After adding the actions, crop the character to shorten the second action.

Right-click on the character and select Duplicate, it will be added as a new track.

Hover your mouse over the first two actions and click X to remove them

Drag the duplicated character across the timeline until it snaps on the shortened action.

You can then group the character track to easily organize it. Press the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click on the character on the track. Then Right-click on the selected track and click Create Group

That's it! you now have a shortened action. 

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  1. Mira

  2. Posted
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    Please, I want to extend the duration of a  movment of a character (astrounat floating) I can´t just drag the time bar, nor I have options when I click on it.
    Just duplicating the movement is awful.

  2. Jeff Creighton

    Has anyone figured out how to shorten the animation instead of cropping it so it is more natural. As Alex said I am going from a wave to talking and it is very sudden like a jumpy cut. 

  3. Jacky Wong

    Yes, agree with Alex, it seem weird and somehow it is a bit messy to do that, if that is an option for us on the setting panel or we can just drag the effect like what we normally do on expand others timeline duration, it will be perfect  :)

  4. Alex Cameron

    Really useful apart from one small issue.

    When you crop in this manner you lose the natural ending of the animation.

    For example, if the action is a 'Wave' and you crop the duration then it doesn't automatically reposition the end of the wave when the character drops there hand and returns to the 'Idle' action position.

    Therefore the move into the next action is a little sudden (like a jump cut).  It would be really cool if you could somehow just manually alter the duration of the action but retain the in and out sections so that you still get the beginning and end of the action itself.

    Hope that makes sense and would be great to hear if there's a workflow for this.  Cheers