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How to make a character walk, stop, and continue walking.

The custom animation allows you to create a walking sequence for the characters.

After selecting the "Walk In" action to a character, you can add a new action that the character will do when it stops walking. In this example, let's choose "Happy"

Now add another action "Idle" to make the sequence more fluid, and drag the character clip to shorten the Idle duration.

Place your character where you want it to stop first. In this sample, we choose to stop the character in the middle

Now click the add button (+) to add an Animations, and select Position

Place the character back to the left or just outside the canvas to mark the starting point.

On the tracks, drag the animation just about the length of the Walk In action. If the character slides, just decrease a bit the animation length.

Click the Easing button and set Both to Linear

To make the character start walking again, right-click on the character clip and select Duplicate

Drag the duplicated character until it snaps with the last character clip

Place the playhead just at the end of the Walk In action of the duplicated character. And move character where you want it to stop next.

Now place the playhead to the startpoint of the animation and move the character on the position of the last character clip, in this case in the middle. You can also enter the horizontal ( ) coordinate of the last character action clip

You can also replace the action of the duplicated character, just click the current action and select a new one from the list.

Click Save! and your character now has a walking sequence.

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