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How to Save Project as a Preset

Create Studio now has a Save Preset function allowing you to make an animation like lower thirds and importing these presets to other projects.

Since the function saves the entire project as preset we recommend creating separate projects for each clip you want to save as a preset.

After editing your clips, click on the gear or settings button to open the Project Settings.

If you haven't named yet your project yet, we suggest naming it so you can easily locate the preset. Click to expand the Advanced Settings.

Scroll down on the Advanced Settings and set It's a Preset to Yes.

Hit the Save button.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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  1. Ethan

    Once you add a Preset, can you delete it?
    I'm having trouble deleting parts of the Preset I imported.

  2. Ken Hunter-Smith

    Probably lucky timing but I think I asked for this feature 36 hours ago and... hey presto!  Great update team, thank you