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Adding a Number Counter

Using a number counter is one of the most popular ways to catch your audience's attention as it's a fun way to build excitement for your videos.

Here's how to make one in Create Studio:

1. Add a Text layer

Place it where you want the counter to show.

In this example, we're doing the classic centered counter, although you can pretty much place it anywhere on the screen. 

2. Set the font and the color of your counter.

3. On the left panel, click on the dropdown menu for the text to show Text Effects.

4. Click on the plus icon (+) to add Text Effects.

5. Under Text Effect Settings, select Number Counter.

6. Set the Start number and the Ending number.

7. Drag the Number Counter element to the duration that you want in the timeline.

And there you have it! A nice number counter to add more life to your project.

If you want to use your number counter for all of your videos, you may save it as a preset and simply import it to your other projects. Check out this demo below: 

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