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Cool text border and spacing animation

Tired of always using solid colors for your texts? 

Why not try these really easy tricks that can add WOW factor to your texts:

Add Text Border

1. Add text.

2. Click on Color > Set the text color to zero (0) opacity

3. Go to Advanced settings > Border > pick the border color

You may also set how thick you want the border to be by adjusting the width

And there you have it, a transparent text with bright, attractive border!

Now, let's talk about adding Spacing Animation

1. Select your text.

2.  Click on the dropdown for the text element  > Animations > plus sign(+)

3. Select Text Spacing, and Scale.

4. Adjust the length of the animation in the timeline.

5. Set the beginning of the scale animation to zero (0)

6. Go to Settings > Spacing > set the spacing to your liking

You can also change the Easing to make things more interesting.

See the awesome demo below:

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