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How to add a Glitch Effect

Create powerful Glitch or distortion effects for your videos with very easy steps.
The Glitch effect can be added to image and video elements.

Once you have the footage or image you want to glitch, click on it and click Advanced on the top right panel.

Click to collapse the Glitch effect menu and select On to Enable it.

From there you can change the glitch Strength, Flow Lines, Line Shift, RGB Shift, and Scatter.

If you want to reset it, just click the Default button.

To add the Glitch effect in the middle of a clip

Place the playhead where you want the glitch to start.

Click the add animation button (+) and select Glitch Effect.

Click the Advanced tab on the top right and expand the Glitch Effect.

Enable the glitch and set the Strength to 0 (zero)

Place the playhead on the endpoint and set it to your desired Strength.

Right-click on the glitch animation clip and select Duplicate Reverse.

That's it! You now have a glitch effect on your video!

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    I got the glitch botton figured out. Thanks

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    I cannot find the glitch botton on my studio. Has the position been changed?

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