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Using Inverted Mask with Shapes

Create inverted masking with Shapes to make cool effects.

First add a shape to the canvas, in this tutorial we're going to use a circle.

Add a custom scale animation and set the scale to 0.

Right-click on the Circle clip and select Duplicate.

Right-click on the duplicated circle and select Mask with > Circle.

Select the mask clip and choose Yes for Inverted.

Offset the mask animation a bit to make the first circle scale before the mask animation start.

Click the Shape Mask clip and add 1 or 2 to the Scale, i.e. if the Scale is 70 make it 71 to hide the circle outline.

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  1. Gary Jesch

    This instruction doesn't seem to be the best way to create circle that scales and acts as a mask anymore. Isn't the best way to use the "Shape Mask?"