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Double masking a single image

Masking is one of our favorite effects in Create Studio.

Usually, in masking, you (1) take an image,

(2) add a shape,

(3)right-click on the image element in the timeline, then (4) select mask with>shape

and voila! You got a pretty masked shape.

But what if you want to mask an image more than once?

Create Studio does not have a direct function to do this, but here's what you can do as a workaround:

1. Using any simple photo editor, crop the image and make 2 copies for one on the left side and the other one on the right.

2. Import the left and right images into Create Studio.

3. Resize the photos to reconstruct the original image.

4. Add your desired shapes. In this case, we're using two circles.

5. Mask the left image with the left shape, and do the same on the right.

6. You now have a  really cool double-masked image effect.
This is a good trick you can use, especially for panoramic shots.

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