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How to Create a Circular Progress Bar effect

In this tutorial, we will show you how to animate a circular progress bar.

First, add the Circle shape.

Click on the Color Picker.

Set the color opacity to (zero) and then click Back.

On the Advanced tab, add a Border to the circle then increase the border width, in this particular case we set it to 20.

Set the border color opacity to about 30%.

Now add the Arc shape.

Set its size the same as the circle's border size.

Change the arc Angle to 0 (zero).

Add a Custom animation and choose Arc angle and Arc style.

Choose a base color for the arc as you like.

Position the playhead at the endpoint of the animation.

Set the Angle to 360.

You can also choose another color to add a color effect to the arc.

Change the animation Easing to Linear.

Drag the animation endpoint to extend the duration.

Add a Number Counter and you now have a circular progress bar!

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