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How to Animate Text by Letter, Words, or Entire Text

With a few simple steps, you can now apply a variety of text animations with the motion presets and custom animation, making your text more visually appealing.

First, add the text element on the canvas and write your text

On the top right click on the Motion tab to add an In and Out animation for your text.

Click the settings icon or right-click on the animation clip on the tracks and select Animation Settings

Choose a Text Animation option: "Entire Text" , "Words", or "Letters". If you choose to animate by word or letters you can also set the animation Direction, and adjust the Text Offset

That's it! You have now added text animations along with the motion or custom animation.

Note: The text animation has limitations; 3D rotations, Color rotations, right-to-left, and some motions preset do not work with the text animation.

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