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Creating a Fun Characters Scroll Stopper video

With lots of users on social media, the problem is creating videos that interact with your audience.
Here's a cool way that you can stop people from scrolling past your video using the characters.

First, add and edit the elements on your video the way you like it to appear. In this tutorial, we combined images, text, and icons to create a Facebook post effect.

After setting up your video, its time to add the characters. For this tutorial, we added the Bear and Superhero.
First, place the time indicator where you want the character to appear.

Drag the character to the canvas and select an action. In this case, we set it to "Showing from behind the corner"

Scale and place the bear on the side to make it appear that he is peeking from the corner.

Now place again the time indicator where you want the Superhero to appear, and drag the character to the canvas.

What we want to do is make him fly in from the right and stop in the middle, then make a wave, and fly out to the left. So we'll add multiple actions to the character.
Select first the action"Flying like superman", then click on the Add Action button and select "Flying in to Idle". Make sure to click the Add Action button before selecting the other actions "Wave", "Flying", "Flying Like superman".

Now we'll add a custom animation to move the character. Click on the add (+) animation button on the left and select "Position"

Drag the character far to the right outside of the canvas

You may drag the endpoint of the custom animation clip to extend it until half the second action "Flying in to Idle". Making the character land and stop in the middle.

Click the Easing button and set Both to Power1 

Place the time indicator in the middle of the fourth action "Flying", where the character is about to take off.

Add again the "Position" custom animation

Place the time indicator at the endpoint of the animation clip, and drag the character out to the left. And change also the animation Easing to Power1

You now have a character scroll stopper video!

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  1. Mira

  2. Posted


  1. william kuo

    I fail to download the ClownPie scroll stopper due to poor internet. But when I use it again, it shows I've downloaded it already. However, when I drag it and drop to the viewport, it tells me that "there was an issue trying to import the element Clown. Please try to download it again". 

    But there is no blue download icon on the Clown. 

    How can I solve this please? 

  2. Leonid

    Can you create a training video for creating fun characters in scroll stoppers on base your PDF. Because very hard to understand it.

  3. Harinatha Reddy

    i don't see option of scroll stopper menu item on my version. where do i get it


    We need a proper tutorial as this is not that helpful to me. Please make a video tutorial!