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How to add watermarks to your videos

As the owner of your videos, you can add watermarks of different styles to your creations to protect it from being copied or stolen.

Here's what you can do:

Text watermark

1. Add text on the canvas. You can do a one line text or multiple lines covering the video.

2. Adjust it to the size and position that you like.

3. Set the opacity for the watermark.

4. You have the option to add an animation to the text if you like.

5. Save this project as a preset

6. You may now import this preset on top of your videos.


Logo watermark

1. Import your logo as a regular image file. It is best to use one with transparent background.

2. Position it where you want it to appear in your videos

3. Adjust the opacity

5. Save this project as a preset

6. Rename the preset so you can easily find it later

7. You may now import this preset in your videos.

8. The watermark should appear in your video. 

You may adjust it to appear in the video as you like by dragging it to the preferred duration in the timeline


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