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How to customize characters (change colors)

You can now change the color of the characters and other elements to match them with your theme or brand,

1. Click on the element and click the Advanced tab on the top right panel

2. Click to expand Replace Color

3. Click the Add a new Replacement button

4. Use the color picker tool and select the color you want to replace on the element

5. Use the slider to select a new color

Tolerance allows you to select the right amount of shade. If you see the color of the element edge is not replace you can increase the Tolerance.

You may also change the Saturation to define the intensity
And change the lightness and darkness of the color with the Brightness option

Note: Black and white cannot be replaced because they do not have specific wavelengths. You can try to select a color that is very close to the white but not totally white and play with saturation and lightness.

You may also encounter issues where pixels in the element with the same color get replaced, not just where you click the mouse. You have to adjust the tolerance to select the right amount of shades.

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