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How to Import Custom Fonts

Like any other design challenge, choosing the right Font enhances your brand recognition.

You can download your favorite fonts from Google fonts library or from any other desired source, then convert them via Transfonter into WOFF2.

Here is a quick video about how to do that:

Please note that only WOFF2 format is currently supported. 

1. Convert your fonts into woff2 format as described in video above and download converted fonts

2. In Create Studio, click on the profile icon/avatar and select Fonts, and import the downloaded folder (zipped without any changes)

  3. Click on the Select Font button and select the zip file

  4. Enter a name for your font and Variant (Regular, Light, Bold, etc)

 5. Click on the Add Fonts button and restart Create Studio after that you will see new font added into the list inside the editor

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  1. Bruno Alecrim

    Não tá funcionando

  2. Amit Kapoor

    Hindi fonts not working

  3. bish shrestha

    font option not shwoing in profile, can not find downloaded fonts

  4. Amjed

    @Amit Kapoor - make sure you have removed any old versions and download the latest version V1.7

    Then any Fonts which you have uploaded, its placed in the Font selection section as the zip file name not the font name.

  5. Amit Kapoor

    font option not shwoing in profile