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How to split and join video clips together

CreateStudio does not have a Cut or Split option, but there is a workaround to merge videos in the middle.

1. Duplicate the video you want to split or cut. Right-click on the video track and select Duplicate

2. Crop both tracks, and drag the second track to add a space in between.

3. Place the time indicator on the space between the tracks.

4. Drag the video you want to insert to the canvas.

5. Crop the newly added track as you need. And drag all the tracks to merge them.

You can group the track to organize your timeline. Just press the Shift key and click on the video tracks. Then right-click on one of the tracks and select Create Group.

That's it! Your videos are now merged into a single track.

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  1. Muhammad At-Tayieb Al-Hyari


    Due to the lengthy process mentioned above, I'm having trouble cutting my videos.

    Is it planned to include the Cut or Split option soon?

  2. Daniel Shovgan

    is it possible to add a cut option? or do I need to buy another app?

  3. Den Stenn

    Cloud Video Editor (official version ) is an advanced video editor that allows managing any content. With the help you can cut and join video, add transitions, text, graphics, overlay video, voice-over.