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How to add Doodle Effects

The doodle effect can now be applied to any element. 

You can draw shapes, images, text and even video on the canvas!

To start, simply click on the element that you want to add the doodle effect to.
On the track, expand the element, and click on the add (+) button for Doodle Effects

Scroll to the right to see more options for the hand and pick one that you like.

This is also where you can set the Hand Size, adjust the Shaking and Drawing Lines

To change the speed of the hand, extend or shorten the duration of the doodle effect in the timeline. 

Drag it to the right to slow it down or drag it to the left to make it go faster.

See demo:

You can also customize how the hand moves by using the MANUAL settings. 
Yes, you can set the exact path and direction that the hand takes.

Here's how:

Next to Doodle Type, Select Manual instead of Automatic

Click on Edit Path

  Add path points by pressing SHIFT+Click 

Remove points by pressing SHIFT+CTRL+Click 

Set the size of the area covered by the path by adjusting the Drawing size slider.

See how manually setting path points changes hand movement:



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