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How to Import Lottie Files

A Lottie is a JSON-based animation file format that can be easily used on any platform, just like any static asset.

Now, you can add more animations to your CreateStudio projects using Lottie files!

Where to download Lottie files?
Create your free LottieFiles account to get instant access to free Lottie animations.
Click on the animation you want to use, click on Download and select Lottie JSON.

By default, the Lottie integration is disabled since it may cause the app to crash on some computers.

To enable, click on the Lottie button on the left panel and click Enable the Lottie features

Click the Import Lottie option and select the Lottie file (JSON) you have downloaded.

You can change the starting point of the animation by cropping the track on the left

You can loop the animation by dragging the track to the right

If the feature is disabled and you open a project that contains Lottie files, you will see this popup

Enable the Lottie feature and make sure to reload your project (Click Exit at the top and open again your project)

Choose files or drag and drop files
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