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How to Apply Edge Feather Effect

The edge feather effect can add a very nice touch to masked shapes. It adds depth and dimension to an otherwise flat image.

Example: Using this television to frame a scene.

You can either use a simple image, video, or a custom scene.

Mask it with a rectangle shape, adjusted to perfectly fit the tv screen.

Click on the Effects button on the left panel 

Select and drag Edge Feather to the canvas

Set the Feather Strength in the Settings panel.

The higher the value, the higher the feathering is--the edges are more blended with the surrounding area

The lower the value, the less feathering there is--the outline is sharper and more defined

You can also add an Inner Shadow to give it a more realistic appearance.

See: How to Add an Inner Shadow 

With Edge Feather and Inner Shadow effects applied:

Without Edge Feather and Inner Shadow effects:

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