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3D Creator: Using Auto Lip Sync

**The Auto Lip-Sync feature is only available to 3D customizable characters.**

3D Customizable characters are found under the 3D Creator section

Regular Characters vs Customizable 3D Characters

There are 3 ways to add a voice clip to your project:

Option 1. Record your voice using the built-in recorder

How to Use the Audio Recorder 

Option 2. Import a pre-recorded audio from an external source

Importing Media to CreateStudio

Option 3. Generate and import voice using Text-to-speech

Using the Text-to-Speech

Drag the audio clip from the Project folder to the canvas

Right-click on the audio track in the timeline > select Sync with Tom

The lip-sync function can be used with any action. 

You can add a continuous talking action to the character while it does various actions.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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